Monday, August 06, 2007

Tea from Vietnam has pesticide residues

Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that on July 27 the Food Sanitation Bureau under the Taiwanese Department of Health has discovered pesticide residues in a batch of green tea imported from Vietnam.

Taiwanese authorities have decided to return 21 tonnes of o long (black dragon) tea imported on July 10, which contained the higher-than-allowed level of pesticide.

Cheng Hui-wen, Director General of FSB as saying that the batch of green tea discovered on July 27 contained the residues of dicofol with the concentration of 0.15 ppm.

Prior to that, a batch of 21 tonnes of o long tea was discovered to contain dicofol 0.09 ppm. On June 28, FSB decided to take compulsory examination on tea imports from Vietnam.

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