Saturday, August 20, 2011

Teacups for Drinking a Leisurely Cup of Tea

Antique Teacup
This is one of my favourite tea-cups. I have quite a few given to me by my Grandmother. Some were hers, some were her mother's.

I had all the teacups in boxes for many years but recently I unpacked them and put them in one of my china cabinets.

There's nothing like drinking tea out of a proper thin china teacup!



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cup. I have a box of cups from my mother-in-law, that you have inspired me to get out and take a look at.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tea cup & saucer! I have a few with some displayed and use them only occasionally. I want to switch from coffee to tea (mainly green tea for health benefits). I think I'll have a cuppa right now while reading my emails & doing genealogy research! Anyone know if/where china tea cups & saucers are made in Buck
inghamshire, England where my ancestor came from? Anyone know where most china tea cups are made in England? I have a few but would love to find more.