Friday, April 20, 2012

Fancy Teacups - Who Uses Them?

How many of us drink our tea out of cups such as this one on the left? I like to have my afternoon tea out of one of the cups and saucers my grandmother left me.

There's just something about sipping tea out of a cup like this one that is soothing.


The Grandmother Here said...

That is such a pretty cup and saucer. I like china. Of course my sister likes it even better -- she have four china cabinets full.

prettyladymom said...

Was visiting relatives 1000 miles from my home when I had an urge for hot tea which I usually sip from an antique cup n saucer set. I was offered a nice big mug but somehow it wasn't as satisfying. Went to an antique shop first chance I got and bought a lovely set which I think I will leave here for my next visit. It soothes my soul.