Sunday, May 01, 2005

About Brian and Lorine - Tea Room Enthusiasts

Brian and I do a lot of travelling - hunting for antiques and visiting family. We like to find tea rooms and eat there, so we thought we might as well start a TeaRoom Review blog. After all we always have an opinion, and we've been hunting out antiques and tea rooms for 8 years.

We decided to rank the tea rooms we try based on decor, service and food. The best will get a 5-teacup rating. Decor that appeals to us is Victorian or unique or country, and of course clean. Warmth and charm score big points with us.

Service doesn't have to be what you might expect from a gourmet restaurant in a big city but we do expect servers to be clean, pleasant, and get our orders right. Service doesn't have to be speedy, after all, we're just poking around North America looking for antiques, so we have lots of time.

The food has to be the best. Sure, everyone has different tastes and expectations but Brian and I figure we're pretty good at judging if food is terrible, adequate, so-so or scrumptdillyicious!

Yep, it's subjective. I'm a hard judge, I don't like mistakes and I don't like attitude or mediocre food. A dirty glass can put me off my entire meal.

Brian's more laid-back and forgiving, so I think you'll enjoy reading our opinions on dining out in tea rooms around North America. I know we'll have fun finding and eating at them!