Friday, May 27, 2005

Pieces of Olde - Landlubbers Should Eat Here!

Pieces of Olde, 28 A Queen St W in Elmvale Ontario is classified as a "Lunch Parlour" by the owner, Jill. Brian and I love it - the food is great, with that honest to goodness just like Mom makes experience.

Decor is nothing special but it's clean and Jill has cute table decorations that are theme-oriented so they change frequently.

Service is slow (not necessarily a bad thing!) but friendly. Elmvale is in the middle of farm communities so the Restaurant/Lunch Parlour has a small town atmosphere which is very inviting.

There aren't many tables, and they are part of a store that Jill runs. If you have to wait for a table (and you will if you go at breakfast or lunch time) you can browse the items for sale.

Jill makes two soups as part of the daily special, one is cream-based (my fav) the other is not. The tea biscuits are flaky and melt-in-your mouth delicious.

There are usually 3 daily specials for lunch and I've never had one that wasn't tasty. I sometimes find the salads a bit limp, that is my one and only complaint. The sandwhiches are made on home made bread, thick as can be - and you create your own with an incredible variety of choices of fillings and condiments. What could be better than a custom made sandwhich, just as you like it?

Desserts are amazing. If you have a hankering for old fashioned Rice or Bread Pudding, this is the place to get it! And the butter tarts are not to be missed.

I rate this Tea Room 5 teacups out of 5 5 tea cup rating for tea room reviews

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