Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is that Mold In My Tea?

A Michigan man got a nasty suprise in an unopened bottle of Gold Peak Sweetened Iced Tea. Shane Smith describes what he found as "slimy...with dark spots...a gooey gunk." The button seal on the bottle has never been disturbed and its expiration date is February 25, 2008. Smith called the 800 number on the bottle and talked to a Coca Cola spokesperson. The spokesperson said from what it sounds like the substance in the bottle is mold from heat exposure when the bottle was stored after shipping. He said the mold will not pose a health hazard but the product should not be consumed. They will offer Smith a replacement product.

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Ganga said...

Unfortunately i Did drink some of it before getting a mouth full of what felt like snot. How can companies put out products that can easily develop mold. At the moment am getting nausea and really not feeling well after accidentally ingesting some of this slimy goop.