Saturday, June 04, 2005

Brewed Awakenings Coffee House & Tea Room

I stopped at this little coffee house and tea room. It doesn't have a particular style of decor but it was clean and tidy. There is only room for about 4 people to sit, most people probably get take-out.

Their selection of teas and coffees is somewhat limited so I ordered Earl Grey tea, which was okay. The food menu was limited - a few sandwhiches, brownies, cookies, muffins and so on. I had a bran muffin which was okay, nothing special, but tasty.

It was a typical decent small-town Ontario spot to get a cup of tea or coffee - a nice alternative to Tim Horton's if you are a coffee lover!

I rate this tea room 3 teacups out of 5. 3 tea cup rating for tea room reviews

Brewed Awakenings Coffee House & Tea Room
16 Main S,
Grand Valley, ON
L0N 1G0

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