Saturday, June 18, 2005

Meaford Ontario: Eath Harvest Cafe

It looked great from outside. On entering we saw a cute little room, with yellow walls, dark wood floors and kidney shaped purple tables. The ceiling was great, an old tin one.

You place your order from a limited menu, at a big old counter. There wasn't a lot of choice but sometimes that's good!

I had egg salad on brown bread - which arrived sans lettuce. Hmmm...didn't realize you had to ASK for lettuce on a sandwhich! The egg itself was very nice, it had chopped peppers, a nice change from the ordinary. Problem was the plate it was on was marbled from having food cut on it. The blackened crack-like lines didn't add anything to the eye appeal.

My cafe au lait (Single shot) was so strong I had to get up and ask for more hot milk - and another bigger cup to put it in. I went to add brown sugar which was in an open container on a side counter, but a fly was crawling around inside. Up to the counter to ask for brown sugar in a package but alas, they had none! So I had to use white sugar which just doesn't cut it for me.

Brian wanted pie and hot chocolate but they had no pie. He asked for cheesecake but it had just been made and wasn't ready (at 2 pm). My overall impression? It was too seedy and that fly really put me off. I doubt I'd go back.

Rating 1 out of 5 cups. 1 coffee cup rating for tea room reviews

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