Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mrs. B's Has Seen Better Days

Last time we were in St Marys Ontario, Brian and I stopped for supper at Mrs. B's Country Style Dining at the Stone Willow Inn. It is a very small restaurant, open for meals or for tea/coffee and desserts. We used to love it here. Note the words "used to" ...

Although small, it has always had friendly service, good food and a nicely set table. Until now. Having raved about the place, we took friends. What an embarrassment! The tables were the kind you sit at in a High School cafeteria - remember those? Chipped, stained, yukky...

There were no tablecloths, not even a paper placemat!! Our server apologized, saying that their table coverings were at the cleaners.... well, sorry, but I don't really care about your problem. It's disgusting to sit for a meal at a bare table that is chipped and stained. I mentioned that the owner might have thought to send someone out to buy a few paper placemats.. when there was no response I asked for another paper serviette so I could put it under my plate and flatware. It was better than nothing. Our server gave me quite a look - which only added to my ire.

Service was poor, we were the only people in the room but our server forgot items and never came back to find out how we were. We had a meal, which was adequate, not great, not the worst I've had either. I had to ask for water when my glass ran dry. We were never asked if we wanted anything else to drink.

Our server asked if we wanted dessert, there was a pregnant LONG pause while we waited to find out what they had.... finally I had to ask what our choices were. I don't know, maybe we were supposed to just kind of know what was available?

All in all a terrible experience. It was so bad we won't be back, and that's a shame because we used to look forward to our trips there just to go for their food and desserts. I rate this ZERO teacups out of 5.

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