Friday, June 17, 2005

Leeky Canoe Pub & Eatery - up the creek without a good paddle?

This Meaford Ontario restaurant could stand a makeover. It was very grungy, the carpet was filthy and torn in spots, edges of runners curled up, and the chairs looked like something out of a 50s or 60s movie - "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore"

My Caesar salad was good, not great, but not terrible either.

After my salad (I froze with the cold wind of an airconditioner on me) I went to the washrooms - which are ever so quaintly (NOT!) called "outhouses". If I'd gone there first I'd never have eaten in this pub....

It's just your typical northern Ontario diner which is trying in vain to have a cute image. "Don't feed the lizards" is one of the signs on a fake tree with plastic lizards hanging from it.

Sorry guys, the Leeky Canoe just doesn't cut it with me. 2 out of 5 ranking from this courier de bois! 1 coffee cup rating for tea room reviews1 coffee cup rating for tea room reviews


Anonymous said...

Obviously, the atmosphere and other fantastic cuisine of an off the wall little place like the Canoe is lost on someone of more "cultured" tastes as yourself. Perhaps you went on an off night, who knows? I live in the US and I look forward to my Leeky Canoe visits as often as I can get them. They are always packed and hard to get a table at, so the locals and tourists alike know this is great place to eat.

For anyone who reads this, try something other than just a salad...the chicken cheese log is a sure favorite, espcially with a side of fries! My husband swears by the Jumbo Joe burger!

Genealogy Blogger said...

I had to chuckle at your note. Let's get real. Meaford is in the middle of nowhere. The locals as you call them, eat at the Leeky Canoe because there is very little choice!

Tourists (like us) have little choice if they get hungry along that highway. It's Meaford or nothing!

Did you count how many restaurants there are in Meaford on your last visit? Oh wait, let me rephrase that - did you count how many CLEAN restaurants there are? I'd pick the Leeky Canoe too over anything else in the town.

As for your comment re my "cultured tastes" - my tastes simply run to food that is good. Food that is tasty and food that is well prepared. Is that being cultured? I think not!

I stand by my review and rating. It's a crummy little dive with less than average food and I would not eat there unless I had to.